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How to work individually?
Unfortunately, now there is no such possibility.
Can templates be edited?
You can frame your photos and put your text on. You can't move individual elements in png format. But this format you can easily use in the phone. To make up for this shortcoming, I make large sets of templates that you're likely to find the right templates.
Is it possible to change color?
You can pay extra because I need to redo all the files. To change the color, write in any way in the "Contact" section.
How to use templates
There are video instructions in the menu section.
Which phones can I use templates on?
For use and iPhones, and phones on Android.
When do I get the templates?
After payment, I will send templates to you in the mail within 24 hours. But I will try as quickly as possible. I haven't automated this process yet.
Not all files are open
These are fonts, they need to be installed through the app. More information is available at the Instructions menu item.
Can I buy some of the icons?
No. I've made big sets of icons to make sure something fits you. It will also save you from repeated appeals to the designer.
I liked the templates, but I need other icons.
You can replace the icons in the set with others presented here for an additional fee. Icons will be in the background of the set you chose, but the icons themselves are from the set on the right subject.
I don't need some templates from the set, can I buy a part?
No, you can only buy a full set.
Is there a set of templates with a specific theme?
There is only what is on the site. I'm not hiding anything from you))
Patterns are individual?
No, they are sold many times. But the probability that you will meet the same patterns in your niche is very low. There are popular sets, and there are, which are sold only 1-2 times, and that and do not find the owner. Therefore, you should not be afraid of repetitions. But it allows you to put a low price on templates. Even the free templates, which have already been shared by more than 2000 people, I have never met on Instagram.