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Templates are png files - these are pictures with transparent areas for your photos.
Because this is a picture, you will not be able to separately edit the elements - stretch some fragment of the design or change the proportion of the hole. To compensate for this technical flaw, I try to make big sets of templates as possible.
This format works the same in apps on the phone, at and in Adobe Photoshop.
You will receive the files in emails, so it will be more convenient to use them. The fonts will not open immediately on the phone. They need to be installed using free apps. More on this below.
First, install the fonts in the app you'll use.
(More on applications below.)
If you are having trouble installing fonts, you can use Phonto app to apply text. It has a lot of nice pre-installed fonts.
Then you can start applying templates.
The free versions of these apps are enough!
You can use any application you like, I enclose the instructions for the most convenient.
How to overlay templates in the Overapp
How to overlay templates in the Canva app
How to overlay templates in the PicsArt app
I prefer this app. It may seem awkward to you at first, but in the long run Over has advantages.
Your application interface may differ. If you download templates from your phone without transparent areas, try download them on your computer at, and then sign in to the application with the same account and use it as in the instructions.
NOT ALL TEMPLATES have transparent areas! Take a look at an example of using templates. They are intended for text only.
How to add templates to videos in the InShot app
How to install icons without posting to stories
1. The template can be overlaid on all videos as shown in the instructions.

2. It can also be inserted as the first frame in the video. To do this, you need to make a picture as for a regular post and insert it into the video for a few seconds at the beginning.

3. You can make a slider in your Instagram post - the first slide is in the form of a template, the second is a video.
Icons do not need to be uploaded to stories. They can be installed immediately, as shown in the video.

I provide icons in png format so that they can be used on the site.
In Canva, you can only insert a photo and overlay text.
You cannot change the color and shape of the elements or remove them.
You can also download templates on the site and then use them in the app.