Ready set of templates for Instagram profile 64

Ready set of templates for your Instagram profile! The templates will help you to design your Instagram profile beautifully without the help of a designer. This contributes to increased sales and loyalty of your audience.

Patterns form a seamless single pattern - an endless Instagram feed. You need to follow the order of use of templates, as in the picture.


  • 30 templates for posts in png format (photos can be inserted on the areas where you now see the photo);
  • 200 highlights
  • 15 templates for stories and igtv.
  • An example of use (as in pictures)
  • The font.

    The png format is a picture with transparent areas where you then have your photos. These files do not allow you to change parts of the pattern or its color. Such edits can be made on request. Some of the patterns are opaque, this can be seen in the pictures in the description.

    How to use templates.

    · You only need a smartphone and free apps.
    · Knowledge of photoshop and computer is not needed!
    · You can overlay text in these apps.
    · You use your photos, superimpose a template and/or text.
    · Instructions

    After the purchase I will send you files in the mail within 24 hours, but I will try as quickly as possible:-)

    My Instagram

    Patterns are protected by copyright on the fact of its creation. They cannot be resold or exchanged.

    Digital goods cannot be exchanged or returned.

    Цвет: Lilac

    Тип: Puzzle feed

    Цвет: Yellow

    Цвет: Pastel

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